sábado, 16 de agosto de 2008

[Audio y Letra] Shelf - Jonas Brothers

Shelf es la tercera canción en la lista del nuevo álbum de los Jonas Brothers, el cual salió a la venta el pasado 12 de agosto.

¿Opiniones sobre la canción?!

She's such a flirt
And I am the lonely heart
Give it a chance
For our love to start
But you'll never see
If you don't give me a shot
To show you what I've got

But it's too late to pretend
You know me better than I know myself
Don't take my heart and put it on a shelf
Always someone else
The next guy who will
Make your cold heart melt
I'm gonna give my love to someone else

I held your hand
It felt like a movie
I made some plans
But you were already moving on
And now I'm stuck under a rainy cloud
But you don't seem to care
But it's alright 'cause


I'm tired of wasting all my time
My heart is hanging on the line
Is it me girl, or someone else?
Please take it off the shelf



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